The Mansion of Hilldale Drive

The Mansion of Hilldale Drive

In a bright, extravagant, living room, a male brunette in his twenties woke up to the sound of a little girl’s voice who called out ‘big brother’. His blurry vision cleared as his eyes landed on the face of a sweet-looking girl with soft, wavy, coffee-brown hair and purple eyes in a cute pastel pink Lolita fashion dress. He sat up, but still felt groggy and slightly dizzy and his black,…

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The Souls in the Sword

The Souls in the Sword

Long ago, in a world as old as time, there lived a dragon named Death Strike. He was twenty feet long and ten feet high. His bumpy scales and horns were as hard as diamond, his claws were sharp as swords, and his slick body was as dark as midnight. The reason for his name was that he instantly killed his opponents, which were dragons that were weaker than him, and his prey. But he was a noble…

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AYD Chapter 1

Was in Shiroyuki’s thoughts, but he couldn’t say it outright. They quietly walked and Momoka stopped by a big, wide, white building surrounded by cherryblossom trees. There were a considerable amount of students coming in and hanging out outside the courtyard before classes started. “Shiroyuki-san, this is my school! Thank you for walking with me!”
“Is that so? Er…” Shiroyuki’s eyes noticed two…

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