So I got a detention today.

Which is kinda dumb because I’m (mostly) a model student, you know? And get this - Heres what Im in for: I said…*whispers* ~a swear word~ in class. 60 minutes of punishment for the phrase: “That’s really shitty.”

So this is how it went down: I’m sitting in math class last hour before break and my teacher hands me a little slip saying that i gotta go see the vice principal. And im thinking, “damn, i thought she forgot about that.” The horrible cuss word was uttered a few days beforehand and, well, i figured she didnt even remember. I walk down there (in my full-body cat kigurumi btw) and mrs. Whatever isnt there. So i mull around and steal a candy cane off the offices mini fake tree (Im already in trouble anyways so gotta go big or go home) until finally, i talk to the desk lady who calls the vice principal down. We walk into the room and start to have a chat about how our high school doesnt tolerate swears bluh bluh etc and that i should find alternatives to cussing. Thats where this picture comes in. This lady just fucking WHIPS this goddamn list out of nowhere and shows it to me in a completely serious manner. “Heres some examples of words you can use when you want to swear.” W H A T.

Goof nugget?
Sweet onions?
Shooby Darn???

And here she is in all seriousness and im trying not to laugh while asking if i can have a photocopy because this is actual comedic GOLD. This sort of phooey doesnt actually happen in real life, right? I mean holy snappin turtles what the frog is this Skikaka? Jumpin Jiminy, Public school is bogus!

EDIT: A few people were confused as to why some of the phrases were crossed out. Apparently the vice principal found this list online and deemed those words to be too “inappropriate”. She also told me to circle which word I was going to use from now on, which explains why “pokemon” is surrounded in red pen.



I know this is a non-issue, but I’m going to whine: THERE IS NO SUCH PLACE CALLED FUMA. Even if there WERE such a place, it’s NOT the home of the Fuma ninjas!!!  Unlike Iga or Koga, which are villages of ninjas who are pretty much freelance ninjas, the Fuma (or Fuuma) are ninjas pledging loyalty to one master: the Hojo clan. So… they presumably live near wherever that lord is. Wikipedia says it’s in Kanagawa.  

The Iga school of ninja named itself after its operational base, Iga. So did Koga. Fuma did not. It was named after its founder, Kotaro Fuuma the First. Because just like how every single leader of the Hattori is named Hanzo, every single leader of the Fuuma is called Kotaro. Our Kotaro, who I assume is the Kotaro Fuuma of legends, is Kotaro Fuuma the Fifth. Because… they don’t wear a “third name” like the Hanzo Hattoris.  

So you remember how in Destiny Ninja the Kazemasa is Hattori Hanzo Kazemasa? The Hanzo of Ninja Love’s full name is Hattori Hanzo Masanari. That’s a bit long-winded, so he’s more famous as just “Hattori Hanzo/Hanzo Hattori”.

Because let’s just bring in random unrelated people just for the sake of having famous people in here. Both Iga and Koga were involved in the fight with the Oda - although the Koga school was supposedly split; half surrendered and even actively helped Nobunaga fight against Iga, the other half went to assist Iga - the Fuuma wasn’t. So… yay!

Don’t get me started on Musashi and Munenori. Don’t.

So… if they don’t care about historical stuff THIS much… why should I? *fumes*


Drawing the faceless MCs in my own style.

Lady Derp is the MC from Destiny Ninja. She kind of does have a face, buuuut her eyes are mostly still covered by hair, so it doesn’t count! Because of the artist’s style I imagine her to be younger, like 15-16. 14, even, so that’s what I was going for. I do want her to have this “mature” impression, though, because as derp as she is, she’s still a noble who IS aware enough of etiquettes. Plus, she’s the heir of the keeper of the “Crown Jewels”. The imperial courtiers should be dropping by often, so she should know how to behave super-politely.

Derp Princess is the MC of Ninja Love. Solmare sometimes forgets that they’re writing of ye olde tymes or something, so when they said that Kotaro is 20 and that isn’t much older than the princess, I like to think they’d be using modern standards and that princess is around 17-18 years old. 4-5 years is kind of a big age gap already nowadays. I want her to look so cute and squishy because… that’s the impression I get of her. She’s such an AIRHEAD.

Wench is the MC for Pirates in Love. She’s supposedly got a tough life, so I wanted her to look rather bony and messy, heh. She isn’t so much an airhead than she is just a nervous wreck who tries to be positive, IMO. I mean, I’m sure she’s got issues considering her background, so she can’t be an airhead. She works and I’m sure she has to deal with drunk patrons in the bar regularly, so she ought to be somewhat tough. In my head she’s 16-17 because she just gives me the impression of a younger girl.

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